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Pungeşti: Massive police intervention likely to happen tomorrow or the day after



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by Maria OlteanuDear international fracktivists and friends of Romania,

I would like to share with you an information I got 2 hours ago about the antifracking camp in Pungesti, NE Romania, which was set up on the 14th October 2013.
For the last month and a half, he authorities are playing mice and cats with the people there, after the intervention in force on the 16th of October, when 3 people were injured. Meanwhile, there have been 2 false alarms that they will intervene again, just to wear off the people and make them not pay any attention to the real alert, when it will come.

Last week, on the 27th of November, they mobilised the riot police, the police and some ambulances in the area, the people gathered there and made a human chain, and they withdrew after a short while (stating it was a “regular” exercise of the riot police) but the people already spread the news on the internet, so they were afraid to intervene, after all.

Now, the bottom line is that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, (most probably tomorrow early in the morning) they will be intervening, according to our insider sources, with 700-800 riot policemen from another county, also because they want to prevent the potential ties between the locals with the riot police in the county where Pungesti lies, thus softening the intervention. Furthermore, the sources say that they will be buzzing the signal, so that the people there cannot communicate with the outside world. In fact, what prevented the riot police from really using the most violent means during the intervention on the 16th of October was the fact that there was a very quick mobilisation of the people and of media, as well, who broadcast the clashes live, thus preventing the worst. So, this time they want to cut off this opportunity as well, by blurring the signal.

So, as you can see, the situation might turn really bad in here, so if there is some possibility that you come down here asap, we would be very thankful. This is a psy-war the government is playing with the citizens of Romania.

Please share this information to the media outlets you are in contact with!
Any help highly appreciated!

Greetings from the a Romania under assault (more updates of the incredible abuses happening right in the last 2 weeks will follow these days, as soon as the time and the situation will allow it).
And solidarity with the people in Elsipogtog, Canada


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